Pre-Recorded Chocolate Raspberry Macarons Online Class

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Pre-Recorded Chocolate Raspberry Macarons Online Class

Spatula Desserts AB


From the comfort of your own kitchen, You will learn how to make this super impressive dessert with the help of my step-by-step support.

In particular, you will acquire useful baking skills such as

  1. How to choose and prepare the ingredients and equipment to set yourself for success. What kind of almond flour is best to use? And how to substitute? Do I need to age the egg whites?
  2. Technical skills such as how to make a stable meringue, and what is the best macaronage process. No more worry about those macaron feets!
  3. How to create delicious macaron fillings and decorations. With the help of a good base recipe, by just swapping one ingredient you will be able to make several other fillings for your future macarons.
  4. Several other small but important baking tips and tricks to bake like a Pro in a home baking environment. Skills that are totally transferable whenever you bake in the future.
  5. Finally, you will learn that you can do ANYTHING with the right support by your side. You will not only impress everyone with your dessert creation but will become more confident in the kitchen.
I want this!

You will get a VIMEO link and a unique password to watch the class anytime!

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Pre-recorded class via Vimeo link
45 minutes
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No refund will be given following the participants receive the Vimeo link
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